Secure app for meeting
Matrx uses the most secure methods to protect your data and privacy.
Secure app for meeting
Certifications, Attestations, and Security White Papers
  • Secure app for meeting

    ISO 27701

  • Secure app for meeting

    ISO / IEC 27001

  • Secure app for meeting

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Security Measures
Infrastructure Security

The Matrx server is built on a scalable cloud computing infrastructure. Clients communicate with Matrx’s servers through TLS (https) or encrypted TCP/UDP tunnel.

All cloud servers are placed behind physical firewalls, equipped with IDS, anti-DDoS, and WAF applications. Hosts are assigned into different security groups and communication between cloud hosts will follow the strict network ACL. Besides, there is a vulnerability scanning procedure being constantly undertaken to monitor and block traffic seeking malicious access.

Matrx uses the most secure Advanced Encryption Standard AES-256 to protect data being transmitted through the public network.

Secure app for meeting
Data Security (End- to-end Encryption)

To keep your conversations private and secure, Matrx uses end-to-end encryption for all calls, voice messages, chats, photo sharing, and file sharing between two individuals in the personal space. And provide options for enterprises to enable end-to-end encryption for calls and meetings in enterprise spaces.

The objective of end-to-end encryption is to ensure no external parties can access the data during transmission, meaning it leaves no trace on Matrx’s servers and provides the highest level of data protection.

Only the sender and receiver can decrypt messages, any third parties including the Matrx backend system cannot obtain the encryption key.

Matrx follows the Double-Ratchet Algorithm, which is widely regarded as the most secure approach to end-to-end encryption.

All meetings are secured by a meeting password, which can prevent any unexpected break-in. And an option to enable end-to-end encryption in meetings. Audio & Video streams of meetings are strongly encrypted while transmitting between clients and servers.

Secure app for meeting
Privacy Resources
Matrx seeks to support users privacy in a number of ways, such as:
  • Utilizing password protection for all meetings
  • By default, not obtaining user location information, unless it has been explicitly shared
  • Ability to require the host to be present before a meeting starts
  • Enables a meeting host to mute and expel participants from their meetings
  • Host must provide permission for meeting recordings
  • Not enabling auto-resend for unsent messages, thereby preventing a malicious attacker from re-directing offline messages.
  • All non-E2EE data, including messages, user account information etc. are kept in encrypted storage.
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